Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a grand Easter... here are some pictures to show off the fun! EmJ looking so pretty in her Easter dress :o)
Our family Easter picture...
I'm tickling her so she'll smile and I look kind of like a goober... but you do what you gotta do! Ha ha ha!
EmJ playing "peek-a-boo" with her bunny from great-grandma... Janae taught her how - what a sweet cousin!
EmJ kissing her bear from Aunt Di and Gram (thanks!!!)
Ok, this was HILARIOUS... We hid EmJ's eggs around the house (there was snow outside!) and I told her to go find the rest of her eggs to put in her basket. The very first thing she did was go over to her kitchen stuff and find her sunny-side-up eggs and put them in her basket. She then found the rest of her easter eggs and added them. I had to get a picture with the eggs... we laughed so hard!
Hunting for Easter eggs
Stylin' with her sunglasses!
As Easter comes and goes we give thanks and praise to Jesus for the sacrifice He made for us all... and we are reminded of how precious and fabulous life is. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter... we love you!!!

weekend visit!!!

Grandpa Greg and Grandma Chuck got to come for a visit this weekend. Grandpa Greg was on his way to Nevada for a business trip, so we only got to see him Friday night - but we're super glad he could come then! Grandma got to hang out until Sunday afternoon! We had a great time!!Grandma got EmJ this balloon when they went on a walk - she loves it! :o)
Grandma and EmJ filing their nails together... hee hee!
Playing outside with Grandma
Grandma reading books to EmJ before bedtime
EmJ with Uncle Travis... she ADORES him!!!
EmJ clearly loves her family! Thanks for coming to hang out!!!

fun randomness...

Just a few random pictures from the past week or so... Feeding herself her yogurt... mmm!
EmJ is learning to "walk" down the stairs and she holds my (or Jeff's) hand while she does it - but at the end she can hold the gate and do it herself - and she LOVES that!
Our friends Sam and Sabrina just had this beautiful baby girl, Macy, a little over 2 months ago. Obviously EmJ thinks she's pretty great. :o)
We had a fun day with Jonah this past week - here he is reading to EmJ. Stinkin' cute!
We went to my grandparent's house - where EmJ goes almost every Thursday with my mom. Usually I'm not there because I'm at work so I took my camera to capture some fun this time!
Jones and EmJ on the stool at Grandma and Grandpa's...
Grandma and Grandpa with 2 of their great-grandkids!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We're all super excited about March Madness and our Jayhawks around here... even EmJ! :o) She started "singing" this the other night and hasn't stopped since. She's quite the fan!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hooray = rachael ray?

Whenever we sing "If You're Happy and You Know It," EmJ always shouts "Rachael Ray!" when I say shout "Hooray!" - and I finally got it on video. I had her say Rachael Ray before I sing so that you can see how she says it too. No one knows why she started doing this, but it sure it funny!!! :o)

Monday, March 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again! :o)

This time I've been tagged by my fabulous friend Emily... here goes...

1. What are some of your preferences that have changed since you were young?
Hmm... definitely a lot of food things- I used to hate zucchini, squash, and tomatoes - and now I love all 3! I also used to adore riding bikes and don't do that so much as an adult. I'm sure I will once EmJ's a little older though! :o)

2. Rank the seasons in the order you like them most.
Ok... 1:late spring & early fall tie - it's warm outside, but I can still wear a sweatshirt or jeans with flip-flops 2:summer - this is a close second because I LOVE swimming!!! 3: winter - and not because I don't like it, but it's just not my favorite. I like snow a lot, except when I'm over winter and so ready for spring and then it snows... like today. ;)

3. If you could only live in one city for the rest of your life, which one would it be? And if you could only live in one country (besides the USA) for the rest of your life, and never go anywhere else, where would it be?
One city... well, when it comes to being close to family and friends, I'd have to pick Longmont. But, all that aside - probably either Pensacola, Florida or somewhere in Hawaii.
One country... hmm, I'd love to say Italy, but because I've never been there, that might be a tad lame. I'll go with Mexico - Nuevo Vallarta... gorgeous weather and beaches, fabulous food, laid-back people... not too shabby.

I tag: Kimmi, Sarah, and Cassie

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oklahoma Visit!!!!!

EmJ and I just took a quick trip to Oklahoma to see Kimmi, Ireland, and Chloe while Chris was gone for some training. Of course we had a fantastic time!!! :o)Baking cookies! Kimmi and Ireland really made the cookies while Chloe and EmJ played with flour on the counter and I took pictures. I think this picture is adorable of them standing on the chair together! :o)
The flour ended up being everywhere! :o) I'm sure most of you have seen the hilarious picture of Chloe on Kimmi's blog with flour all over! Love it!
Ireland helping to dump everything in - what a great cookie queen she is!
Enjoying the fruits of our cookie-baking labor! :o)
Kimmi was reading to the girls and Chloe was holding EmJ's arm or hand the whole time - so cute!
I adore this picture of Chloe.... she's such a doll!!!! And she loves her woobie!

Chloe and EmJ just reading... :o)
EmJ's FIRST HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the haircut... one of my most favorite pictures ever!
Ireland teaching EmJ and Chloe how to write letters! SO CUTE!!!!!
This is on our way to the airport... we wore 'em out!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

So... I've been tagged by Sarah to blog about what I do on a daily basis... so here it goes... :o)

6:45-7ish: EmJ wakes up and I usually bring her to our room and she plays on our bed while I attempt to wake up.

7:15: I'm awake and Jeff takes EmJ downstairs while he makes coffee and EmJ drinks her milk and plays. I shower! :o)

7:35: I go downstairs and get EmJ breakfast and she plays. We say bye to Daddy for the day.

8ish: I usually call Kimmi and talk to her for a little while and EmJ reads and "plays" with Maverick. Sometimes I let EmJ watch Teletubbies at 8:30 because she adores them right now.

9: We watch Rachael Ray! :o) But mostly we continue playing - EmJ plays with her leap pad for awhile in the morning, so I do get to watch some Rachael Ray.

10ish: Get dressed (if we haven't already) and clean up.

10:15ish: Go run errands if we need to or go to the park or something if it's nice outside. If it's not we just play - we color, read books, clean the house, etc.

11:30: I get lunch ready for us

11:45ish: We eat! :o)

12:15: Play, play, play. We usually read a lot at this time.

1: EmJ lays down for her nap. I usually do school stuff right now (plan, grade, etc.) and play online or do some reading or laundry - quiet stuff like that. Sometimes I start dinner stuff too.

3ish: EmJ wakes up and has snack and juice. She sometimes watches Elmo or VeggieTales while she eats her snack.

3:15ish: If it's nice outside we'll go to the park or go for a walk. A lot of times we go to my mom's house at this time to just hang out - especially if we haven't gotten out of the house yet.

4:45ish: I start dinner.

5:30ish: Jeff gets home and EmJ follows him around and they play together while I finish dinner!

6ish: We eat dinner as a family. I love this time of day - and it's especially cute now because EmJ waits until all 3 of us are sitting at the table, then she grabs our hands and says "pray!" SO CUTE!!!

6:45: We hang out as a family. Jeff usually wrestles with EmJ while I laugh at them. :o)

7:20ish: If it's bath night - this is when we do it. If not, we just hang out for a little longer.

7:45: Get jammies on, brush teeth, etc. EmJ then picks out 2 (but sometimes it's more like 5) books that we read while she drinks some milk.

8: EmJ goes to bed. :o)

8-10:30ish: Jeff and I hang out - watch tv, talk, etc.

10:45: We go to sleep!!!

This is basically my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule. The weekends are always up for grabs - we just hang out and do stuff together. Naps definitely stay the same always! :o)

Thursdays I work in Longmont, so EmJ goes to my mom's at 7:45ish and hangs out there - I pick her up around 3:45. They almost always go to my grandparent's on Thursdays... stinkin' cute. Fridays I work in Broomfield, so EmJ goes to my sister's at about 7:30ish. I pick her up at 3ish. She adores her time with Nana, Papa, Auntie Amy, Janae, and Jonah.

I think that's about it.... :o) I now tag Emily, Lori, and Amy! (and Scott if he ever reads this! HAHAHA!!!)