Monday, November 19, 2007


As most of you know, we're pretty avid Jayhawk fans around here, to say the least. We're very excited to say that #1 - basketball season has begun, and #2 - our football team ROCKS and is undefeated so far!!!!!! Look out BIG 12 - here come the Jayhawks! This picture of EmJ made me laugh cause she looks just like her daddy when he's playing ball!
Here's our "official first day of basketball season" family picture :o)
Notice the awesome bruise on EmJ's head... she's quite the toddler - figuring out how to climb on everything and run everywhere!
She has discovered pockets... and it makes me laugh every time!
I just like this picture... not really sure what she's doing, but it's silly EmJ!

We're leaving for Kansas (in just a few hours, actually - how I have time to blog right now, I don't know!!!) for Thanksgiving so there will be a new blog soon... stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you... we are thankful you are in our lives!

Monday, November 05, 2007

fall fun!

Here's a video of EmJ "reading" to herself. This always makes me laugh - sometimes she just babbles, and other times she throws in words she knows in between babbles. She has been amazing me with her vocabulary - it grows daily! But sometimes I forget that her words aren't as clear as they sound to me - you know, just being around her all the time - I know that "mo - ju" means "more juice," but not everybody can decipher all her words yet. :o)

EmJ got to play in the leaves at Nana and Papa's the other day and had a blast!

These are EmJ's fun camo pants from Grandma Chuck. Stinkin' cute!

This is EmJ with her great-grandpa - she loves to stand on his chair and push the buttons - especially the horn. :o) They have a great time together!

I think this picture is pretty cute - thanks to Kir for the cute clothes!

I had to stifle a laugh the other day when I came in to EmJ's room to wake her up from nap (which doesn't need to happen often, but she wouldn't have slept that night cause she had slept so long!!) and she was sleeping like this. I ran down and got the camera and was able to get a picture! Hee hee!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Happy Halloween!!!

EmJ was Boo from Monsters Inc for Halloween this year... and super cute, if you ask me! :o)
We went to Jeff's work so everyone could see her dressed up (although it almost doesn't seem like she is if you don't know the movie) - she got tons of attention and loved every minute of it!
We also went to my grandparents with Janae and Jonah to show off Halloween costumes. It was a fun day - we were a little sad that our church didn't do their annual Harvest Party because I think EmJ would have just loved it this year. But, that's ok... we'll do more next year when she starts really wanting to, but for now we had a super fun Halloween!

We "carved" a pumpkin with EmJ - really, we just let her gut it and she loved it! :o) I thought she would get super messy, but she didn't really. She pretty much just used her right hand to take the seeds and slime out. She definitely had a good time, though!

Wow! Check this out, Mom and Dad!

Ohh... did you see what I did?

One more cute picture of Boo and Sully.