Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I know it wasn't that long ago that I posted this video, but it's perfect for today! Happy Memorial Day to all... and a very special thank you to all military men and women (past and present) for all you do for the rest of us. Thank you!!!

If you have some time, head over to Pioneer Woman's blog (photography section) - she's been doing a really awesome photography assignment called "Coming Home." It's all pictures of military homecomings (and all that can mean)... and it's pretty incredible. Grab some tissues before you head over there... and be sure to check out Group One because there's a fantastic picture of Chris and Chloe when he came home from his second deployment to Iraq.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EmJ's Fabulous Fourth Birthday!

EmJ had a fantastic 4th birthday! We had full day of fun!
First, here's a list of EmJ's favorites at 4 years old:
Color: Yellow and pink
Food: Strawberries and ice cream
Book: The Bible and Clifford
TV Show: Imagination Movers, Backyardigans, and Between the Lions
Movie: "Jasmine" (Aladdin)
Time of Day: When Dad comes home or if I get to watch a movie at nap time
Thing to play outside: Bubbles
Place to go: Chucky Cheese's and the park
People: Chloe and Ireland (weird! they even trump mom and dad!)
Here are some fun pictures of EmJ's birthday...
Who doesn't like to start the day with presents?!

EmJ got to choose all 3 meals - she picked pancakes for breakfast and was very excited to eat them!


She drew herself a birthday cake - complete with 4 candles :o)
We packed a picnic lunch (she picked a peanutbutter sandwich and strawberries) and ate with dad, but I forgot the camera. Oops!

Playing outside
(EmJ picked out her own outfit - and Luke's too - stinkin' cute!)

Playing with her new fairies

For dinner she picked Noodles... yum!
Auntie Amy, Janae, and Jonah came with us to dinner too - the rest of us got Wahoo's and we got to eat outside... so fun!

The Jones Man

Janae (love the freckles on this girl!)

Miss Birthday

After dinner we went and played at the park :o)


Laughing at Daddy

Our awesome kids!

Luke and Daddy playing


After the park it was time for some pink ice cream! Yum!

What a fun day! We had a great time and are so, so blessed that God chose us to be EmJ's parents. We love this girl more than words can say!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sweet EmJ on her "birth"day




and just taken this morning... 4.
Happy Birthday, EmJ!
We Love You!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Silly EmJ

Confused EmJ?

Awesome EmJ :o)

Painted toes... and awesome pjs!

Cute, cute!

More crazy faces...

Love those dimples!

Playing outside... obviously concentrating ;)

Jumping with Daddy

...and more jumping

I love this picture... I think it just captures the fun this kid has with her awesome imagination :o)
I'm not even sure what she was playing in this picture, but she had this bunch of leaves and the stick and was playing all kinds of fun games with them while we were outside.
Have no fear... there are 2 new blogs below with Luke pictures!

under the weather... and some fresh air

Poor little Luke was sick this weekend... :(
I'm happy to report that he's doing much better today... still not 100%, but definitely an improvement from this weekend. Isn't this picture so sad?
(psst - there's a new Luke blog below this one with much happier pictures :o)

There was lots of sleeping on Daddy

Saturday was gorgeous... so even though Luke wasn't feeling so hot, we went outside for a little while. He mostly just sat and watched...

EmJ rockin' it on her "new" (to her!) bike from Janae!
For those of you who have a jones for more EmJ pictures, just wait... the next blog will be filled with 'em! Plus... the little lady turns 4 very soon, so you know there will be lots of fun pictures of that too!

He's still stinkin' cute, even when he's sick!


Just some fun pictures from last week...

"Hey! What you lookin' at?"

Yay, Luke!

Nice spit bubble. Ha!

Happy boy!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I took Luke's 9 month pictures, I completely forgot to take some with his monkey... oops! When I look back at these, the monkey will help show how big Mr. Luke is getting! However... getting pictures of Luke with his monkey now that he's mobile has definitely proved to be a tad difficult... :o)
Sit still and just hold the monkey?! Ha!

Maybe I'll have a little conversation with the monkey.

Oh... I'll give the monkey some kisses! Mwah!

Ok, Mom... here you go! :o)