Thursday, December 21, 2006

EmJ's First Blizzard!

That's right... EmJ got to experience her first Colorado blizzard!
And yes, the snow is definitely over her head!

It started snowing Tuesday night, but wasn't too bad Wednesday morning. It just kept coming down and Jeff ended up coming home around 2 on Wednesday. EmJ and I stayed home all day on Wednesday and needless to say, we all stayed home Thursday. It didn't stop snowing until Thursday around noon... let's just say there is a LOT of snow! The wind has been nuts, so the drifts have been the craziest part of this storm. I think it snowed close to 2 feet around here, but some drifts are 3 or more feet. Since we live in a townhouse, the HOA shovels for us, so we don't own a snow shovel (I know, we live in Colorado - we're buying one now!). Anyway, Jeff used a dustpan to shovel a little of our porch off - mainly around the grill so he could make some food! Ha ha! It's been quite an adventure these last couple of days. We're hoping to make it out of the house tomorrow - I think EmJ and I are both ready to get out of here!

Looks like we'll be having a white Christmas!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's a crazy, snowy, blizzardy day outside in our fabulous state of Colorado... a great day to post a new blog! EmJ is wonderful, as usual. She gets cuter everyday (something you never think is possible until you see her tomorrow) and she makes us laugh - often! She got this super cute cowgirl outfit from Aunt Nance and the whole Alcos family. I think it's one of the cutest outfits I've ever seen!

It seems like EmJ learns new things daily. It's fun to watch her figure things out and get so excited when she does. The other day we were at my parent's house and EmJ was banging her hands on her thighs (she does this often - my mom is convinced she'll be a drummer) and my dad was cracking up at her. She'd stop and giggle with him, but once he stopped laughing, she would start banging those hands again. It was hilarious! I love that she knows when she's making people laugh! She makes silly faces too... I don't think she does that to make us laugh - but it sure does! And, as you can tell, she constantly has her tongue sticking out. She's so great!!!

Of course EmJ loves to read - just like her mom! :o) We read to her often, and she has her own books she loves!

On one of the previous blogs I wrote about EmJ and her fabulous "Jumperoo," so I figured I'd include a picture for you all. :o) She still loves it!

We have a pretty crazy, but fun week ahead of us. EmJ's best friend, Chloe, and her sister Ireland (and their mom, Kimmi, who is Maren's best friend and their dad, Chris) are all here from Oklahoma, so we'll be hanging out with them lots. Then aunt Stacey comes and Grandma Chuck and Grandpa Greg... and it's Christmas! I'm super excited for EmJ's first Christmas - we'll put up a new blog with lots of fun pictures soon! Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe Christmas and New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

turkey day!

EmJ's First Thanksgiving... As you can see, EmJ definitely enjoyed her first Thanksgiving! :o) We went to EmJ's Uncle Ken and Auntie Amy's house to enjoy the feast. EmJ had a fabulous time playing and just hanging out. She is our little turkey, so this was the perfect outfit and perfect day for her! More EmJ news to come soon...