Monday, November 01, 2010


Pirate Luke 

EmJ as Silvermist (Tinkerbell's fairy friend) 

Jonah the racecar driver, Janae as Athena, EmJ as Silvermist, and a grumpy Luke the pirate (he just wanted to do his own thing... he was not happy to be taking a picture!) :o) 

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the pumpkin ranch

We went to the pumpkin ranch this weekend and let me just say... fun was had by all. :o) Grandma Chuck was here this weekend so she got to join in on the fun!

 EmJ was definitely yelling "All Aboard!" here ;)

Just chatting with Daddy

It was a gorgeous day! 

EmJ on the awesome dragon ride... 

She was the only one on the whole thing!  

Luke loved the carousel! 

EmJ told me this was her favorite picture- the one where she was standing like the scarecrow :o) 

Luke and Grandma checking out the donkey (Luke wasn't a huge fan of the animals -he was content to climb on everything he could find instead... ha!) 

I had to put this in because I laugh every time I see it.... she's hilarious! 

I have no idea what this face is about... she seriously cracks me up! 

Our awesome attempt at a family picture...
This was the end of our time there and Luke was so done - so it was either this (with EmJ's random grumpy face) or Luke crying. Sweet.
Note to self: take the family picture when we first arrive.

pumpkin painting!

we've been painting pumpkins for a few years and this year was no different...
and of course we had a blast! :o)
i'm not really sure what i was thinking when i actually tried to have luke paint a pumpkin - that didn't really work (ha!) - but he ended up having a blast with a paint brush and a wipe. ;)

lots of concentration necessary...

lots of smiles necessary too... :o)

good times!

the next day with the finished pumpkins... laughing at each other (as usual!)

our awesome pumpkins!