Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It has been gorgeous lately... lots of sunshine and those blue Colorado skies...it's SUMMER! Which means you can find us playing outside often. We ran through the sprinkler (well, that's relative - Luke just played in it a little) and just enjoyed being outside the other day...Ballerina pose

Dancin' in the... sprinkler :o)

All smiles!

1-Put the ball in the sprinkler 2-Back away a little
3-Wonder and look for the ball 4-Oh! There it is!
(click to make bigger)

This is one of EmJ's favorite things to do when we play in the sprinkler

I had to include this... the face EmJ's making cracks me right up!

This girl loves the water!

Chewing on some toys and watchin' his big sister

Stinkin' cute if you ask me!

Where's Luke?


Can someone tell me when he got this big?!

Peace out.

bath fun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for being so fabulous! Thank you for playing "up" with us. Thank you for teaching us to throw a ball and dribble a basketball. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for working so hard for us. Thank you for singing to us. Thank you for dancing with us. Thank you for your big hugs and kisses. Thank you for playing golf with us. Thank you for reading to us. Thank you for teaching us about Jesus. Thank you for these things and a million more... you're the best dad ever! We love you!!!
Love, EmJ and Luke

Monday, June 21, 2010

EmJ the Ballerina

Today was EmJ's first ballet class... here's the sweet ballerina all ready to go!

...And here's the crazy-I'm-so-excited-let's-go! ballerina.
Notice Luke looking at her like she's a tad crazy... :o)
The class was a success... EmJ had a blast!

swings = bliss

Waving and Blowing Kisses

Just a little video of a couple more things Luke does that I forgot to mention :o)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Luke is 10 Months!

10 Months!
Let's not even talk about how fast time flies, ok? Ok. :o)
Some new Luke stuff...
~Crawling like a pro... he's super fast!
~Pulling up and crusing all over the place (he'll pull up on anything... even if it's only 3 inches off the ground... ha!)
~We figured out his word for EmJ - "Dae-Dae" (and it's adorable!)
~Can climb the stairs (it took him like 2 times of actually trying to do it... needless to say, there's a gate on the stairs now!)
~Has the pincher grasp down - so he can feed himself everything
~Dances, dances, dances (I've always said he loves music!)
~Incredible balance - he can stand by himself for 5-10 seconds and is getting more and more brave about it daily
~Walks with the push toy or holding fingers
~Loves to stand up in his crib, hang on to the side, and JUMP!
~Loves balls and cars/trucks - he'll push around cars or chase balls all day long (also, when given a choice of balls he always picks a basketball... hmm, I think it's in his blood!) :o)
~Says "Hi Dada!" and "hi ____" to other things too, but mostly Dada
Although I could only get 1 quick picture of Luke laying with his monkey, I did get quite a few of him playing with it.

"Hey Bud!"

Aww... giving him some love!

Hi Mom... I see you!

Signing "please"

The pincher grasp :o)

Crawling, crawling, crawling

One of his favorite things to do ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

...and it begins...

We got this push toy out on Saturday and Luke just stood right up and, well, did this...