Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Jeff took Janae, Jonah, and EmJ (I was there too - just to be photographer) fishing at a great lake we have in town that's just for kids! We had a grand time - and all 3 kids caught fish! Success!!!The 3 fishing :o)
EmJ being cute :o)

Jonah reeling in the first (and biggest!) catch of the day...

Jonah and his awesome catfish!

Janae with one of her fish on!

"Holding" the fish :o)

EmJ reeling in her first fish ever!
EmJ and Daddy with her "big" catch!
Thanks to Daddy/Uncle Jeff for a great day of fishing!
Psst - there's another new blog below :o)

random catch-up pictures :o)

Just a few random and fun pictures... EmJ and Daddy walking to go feed some ducks!
Feeding away! EmJ had a very fun time feeing the ducks - once the geese came along, I wasn't so fond of it anymore, but EmJ enjoyed it!

Just drumming :o)

Climbing on her bike (a very fun hand-me-down from Jonah)
Learning how to master the art of pedaling :o)

Friday, June 19, 2009


EmJ and I just got to go to Oklahoma to visit Kimmi, Ireland, and Chloe for 2 weeks! Chris isn't home yet, but obviously Kimmi and the girls are back in Oklahoma - and I'm not too huge pregnant yet, so this was a great time for us to go visit. We had an absolute blast and miss them already! Chris will be home soon... and we couldn't be more excited for them to get to be together again! Woo-hoo!
There are tons of pictures of our fun adventures - most of them involve water cause it's HOT there! :o) Enjoy!

The awesome spray park... seriously, these pictures don't do it justice -it's a blast and the girls LOVE it! And it's on post and free! We played here a LOT!
With the fire hydrant at the spray park - EmJ got sprayed hardcore in the face many times :o)

Stinkin' cute Chloe

Miss Ireland

A little view of the spray park - there's lots more you can't see - SO FUN!

An awesome park we went to one night when it wasn't insanely hot :o)

EmJ swinging like a monkey

Ireland climbing - she has become quite the brave climber!

Chloe on the "tongue slide" - seriously, it looked like a tongue - weird!

EmJ walking on the bouncing disks

Ireland on the spiderweb



Just looking at the sprinkler... they were a little unsure at first. The sprinkler was kind of crazy - it's a flower that just randomly sprays and flops around. Once they got used to it, they had lots of fun!

EmJ and Chloe running through the sprinkler (except really they ran around it -ha!)

Chloe having fun!

EmJ and Chloe having a picnic :o)

I know this is kind of random, but I made these for the girls' room while we were there and I wanted to show a picture - they turned out super cute!
Swimming in the back yard

The front view - a little harder cause the sun was obviously in their eyes :o)

The fabulous girls!