Monday, April 28, 2008

we love spring!

It's always great when spring weather finally comes around... and we can play outside! Of course, we do live in Colorado... so I'm pretty sure we'll see more snow before summer gets here... but, we're loving the warm weather when it comes! :o)
EmJ and Daddy playing with legos
EmJ's new favorite thing - actually holding the phone while she's talking. She loves to talk to Jeff on his way home from work and look out the window for him at the same time! Saturday morning cleaning... EmJ helping Daddy vacuum - what a big helper!
I just thought she looked so big in this picture... almost 2... sheesh!
This picture makes me laugh out loud - Jeff put some catnip on here for Maverick and he obviously loved it! Ha ha!!!
And here's EmJ waving at her shadow... she's so funny! :o)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Just a little blog to ask you all to keep my best friend, Kimmi, and her husband, Chris, and their girls, Ireland and Chloe, in your prayers. Chris leaves on his 2nd deployment tomorrow and will be gone for 15 months. Obviously this will be a hard day for everyone who knows Chris, but especially the 4 of them because life as they know it right now is going to change a lot. But we also know that Jesus will wrap his arms around all of them... We can't say thank you enough to Chris for what he does, and Kimmi and the girls for what they also do. Every night before bed we pray with EmJ and we always pray for Kimmi, Chris, Ireland, and Chloe by name. And if I forget... she reminds me. :o) We all love them very much!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

just a little of our randomness... :o)

Having lots of fun with some stickers Grandma Chuck sent! :o)
EmJ's definitely at the "I want to do it myself!" stage. The other day I brought her clothes down and she just grabbed them and started putting them on. This is about as far as she got... not too bad! :o) It's so fun to watch her figure all this stuff out!
The other day EmJ decided all her animals needed to go "night-night." So she found ALL of them and laid them down - all face-up. Ha!
I came downstairs a couple Saturdays ago and this is what I found... they're both definitely asleep - taking a little cat-nap!
This is a morning routine... EmJ watching Teletubbies! She loves them - and I get a chance to catch up on blogs! Hee hee!
I had to put this up here for good measure... as most of you know, Jeff and I like a little friendly competition every now and then. The past 2 years Jeff's bracket has beat mine by 1 point... yes, 1 point. Needless to say, I won this year... by more than 1 point. :o) I'm a tad proud of my awesome bracket! But I do have to give Jeff credit - everything I know about basketball I learned from him! Thanks, babe!
Playing with daddy's KU hat... GO HAWKS!!!
We're obviously still quite excited about our National Championship! :o)

Monday, April 07, 2008


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We're obviously ecstatic that our Jayhawks are in the Final Four!!!! And for those of you wondering... EmJ truly is a fan! :o)
With her Jayhawk...
Cheering with her pom-poms!
And a kiss for luck!!!!
GO KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a very fun visit!!!

Some of our best friends - Scott and Deb - and their beautiful girls - Emmerly and Nola - were just out here for a visit. One night we all went to a luau celebrating the soon-to-be marriage of Scott's sister, Catie, and her fiance, Dave. What a blast we had!!!
EmJ playing with the beach ball and lookin' cute in her hawaiian attire! :o)
Emmerly bouncing on the ball! I LOVE her camera smile!!!
EmJ was absolutely enthralled with the hula dancer... she watched her and even danced with her! Too cute!!!
EmJ loved the leis!
Playing basketball with daddy... of course!
Deb and sweet Nola...
Emmerly was jumping through the hula-hoop as Scott would roll it by - awesome action shot! :o)
Emmerly and EmJ hugging... awww...
Having fun with Daddy!
The whole gang!!!