Thursday, August 23, 2007


That's right - EmJ's walking!!!
I'm a little bit of a slacker mom because she's really been walking
for a week and I'm just posting it, but hey... I do what I can! :o)
Here's a video of her walking:
As you can tell, she's not what I would call a "walker" yet... she obviously toddles... (funny how they call this age "toddler"). She's gotten lots better in the week that she's been walking and it's been so fun for us to watch her learn. She's still figuring out how to stand up on her own (without holding on to anything). She can do it sometimes and other times just crawls to the couch or something to stand and then walks off. It's been so much fun to watch her figure all this out!
Here are a few pictures too:

I know I'm partial... but isn't she just beautiful?!

Jeff loves this picture - probably because she looks just like him when he's playing ball! Dribbling away with that tongue out and all!

See how she's pointing to her shirt? Just wants to make sure you all know that she's a Jayhawk fan through and through!!!!!

We love this shirt!!! (Thanks Em, Adam, and Gianna!)

Friday, August 17, 2007


EmJ and I just got back from a fantastic vacation to Oklahoma!!! We went to see Kimmi, Chris, Ireland and Chloe - and we had a blast! Here are some pictures from our trip... The girls hanging out...
Yes, you're seeing it right - that's me shooting an M16. I'm hardcore.
EmJ with her woobie on her head. Silly kid.
Chloe - isn't she so cute?!
Ireland's camera smile!
Chloe and EmJ enjoying their morning milk. Can you tell they just woke up?

Chris and EmJ playing
That's right... EmJ's hair is curly! TOO CUTE!!!!!
As you can see, Chloe is a climbing fiend! They are too cute! PS - I don't think this is really allowed, but it happened while Kimmi was cooking and I was watching the girls. :o)
Chloe and EmJ playing with shoes. It's started early...
Chloe and EmJ playing with their woobies together. This was hilarious! They played like this for probably 15-20 minutes - if you know 1 year olds, that's a LONG time!

EmJ so pretty with her "bracelets" Stinkin' cute Chloe...
Ireland "so pretty!"

The cute girls playing in Chloe's crib right after they woke up.

We obviously had a blast and can't wait to see our Shellaby's again!!!