Thursday, April 05, 2007

it's a zoo out there!

That's right... we made our very first trip to the zoo this week! EmJ and I went to the zoo with EmJ's Auntie Amy and cousins Janae and Jonah and we had a blast!
We got to see all kinds of animals including monkeys, flamingos, polar bears, penguins... well, you get the idea! :o)

EmJ had a fabulous time at the zoo! If the animals were close enough or moving enough, she'd watch them and was totally intrigued. But even when the animals were just laying around, she was very entertained by all the people around - Janae and Jonah included, of course! EmJ just loves her cousins - they make her laugh pretty much all the time!

There was a very cool drum that EmJ and Jonah got to play together. They both thought it was pretty cool!
As you can see, we also got a picture showing how tall EmJ is compared to a polar bear! :o) She pretty much comes up to his knee... not too shabby!

EmJ rode in the stroller most of the time, but you aren't allowed to bring a stroller to the Bird House or to Tropical Discovery, so we carried her through those. She was pretty interested in what was going on, especially when she was being carried
and could see things a little closer. Jonah was super great in the Tropical Discovery area - he held my hand while we looked at all the snakes! For those of you who know me, you know this is no joke - I do NOT like snakes at all!

We had quite a fun day at the zoo and couldn't have had better company for EmJ's first zoo trip. We'll definitely be doing that again...!
Stay tuned for some fun park and outside blogs - we FINALLY got a camera that takes good outside pictures! Yea!!!