Monday, June 18, 2007

everyday fabulous life...

Life is pretty much grand right now... I'm done teaching for the summer and so I just get to hang out with EmJ all the time - LOVE IT! (well, most of the time) :o) EmJ is just growing, growing, growing... she's doing lots of fun stuff too - I think there's something new everyday! She knows lots of her body parts including ears, nose, hair, mouth, tongue, stinky feet, hands, etc. She also has a growing vocabulary (words she can say and understand) - including dada, mama, nana, papa, Janae (sounds like nae-nae), hi (and specifically hi dada or hi mama or hi anyone!), kitty (sounds like ditty), bye-bye and even more I'm sure I'm forgetting. She amazes us each day and we just love her more and more!

EmJ's favorite thing to do right now is to cruise - I think she walks along the couch and chair all day long! She's stinkin' cute!

Here's a picture of her funny army crawl I've been meaning to post. She did that for a long while, but for the past week or so she's moved onto the all fours crawl and gets around SO fast! She loves it... and needless to say, we bought baby gates!

As you can see, EmJ definitely already likes to try to do some things herself. Every time I see this picture I think she must be thinking, "I can do it myself, Mom!" It's probably just because she loves shoes... ah geez, it's begun!

She is such a little ham...

"Oh hey, I didn't know you were looking at me!" But oh, wait - yes she did! She loves the camera! Hee hee!

We had a very fun Father's Day this week - and obviously, EmJ LOVES her Daddy!

Friday, June 01, 2007

happy first birthday!!!

That's right... EmJ is now ONE!!!!!
She had a very fun birthday... here are a few pictures to show off her fabulous day!

Jeff and I wanted to get her something fun for her birthday - we decided on this piano. It's pretty great - she can learn and play music and have fun all in one! Mostly she just bangs the keys... she's super!

We had a fun birthday party for EmJ (on her actual birthday!) at my parent's house. There were lots of fun people who love EmJ there... we all had a great time. Opening presents was pretty cute - EmJ surprised me by actually staying pretty interested the whole time!

After we opened presents, it was time to get ready for cake! We stripped EmJ down and even did a little "naked baby dance!" EmJ's best friend (Chloe)'s Papaw was there and sang the song for us - thanks Steve!

The cake was awesome! EmJ had her own little cake that was so fantastic (thanks Sarah)! At first EmJ wasn't too sure what to do, but once she realized this was something to eat, she dug in!

As you can see, eventually EmJ's hands were messy - so she just stuck her face right in the cake! It was HILARIOUS!

Obviously, she likes cake...

...and being the center of attention!!! :o)

EmJ's first birthday was a hit! She had a super day filled with lots of fun and lots of love!