Monday, January 22, 2007

just growin'!

EmJ is getting so big! Just the other day, Jeff and I were looking at her playing and were just shocked at how big she's getting! On one hand, I love seeing her discover new things everyday and all the smiles that come with her new discoveries... but on the other hand, I wish she could just stay her little baby-self forever! She is super curious about everything and will grab and anything within her reach (including the camera, as you can see!)

Of course, EmJ is super stylish also! Her hair is long enough now to be put up (a little)... We put it up the other day and it was so cute cause she had a couple little curls just sticking straight up! I tried to get a picture that would show it, which wasn't too easy... this is the best we could do!

EmJ is really starting to get her own little personality and it is so fun to watch! However, she has quite the stubborn streak, and definitely knows what she wants. Which ends up making for some frustration on both
our parts cause she knows what she wants, but can't tell us... she's just so darn cute though, and just smiles at you and you forget the whole thing! She does this new thing now where if she's done playing with a toy, she'll throw it out of her reach and then get mad about it. It's pretty funny, if you ask me!
She's not crawling yet, but has mastered reaching as far as her little body will let her while she's sitting up... I'm thinking crawling is right around the corner... we'll keep you posted!
So here she is... getting bigger and more adorable with each passing moment!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

go jayhawks!

EmJ is definitely a Kansas Jayhawks fan... and here are some pictures to prove it!
She loves to play with this basketball, when daddy shares it with her! :o) She also does her fair share of cheering for the Jayhawks - as seen in this picture. Even though Jeff and I don't really agree when it comes to football, we definitely do when it comes to basketball - and EmJ is right there with us... lovin' those Jayhawks!

Monday, January 08, 2007

our little fan...

Here she is... our little football fan! That's right - she's both a Chiefs and a Broncos fan! :o) I think everyone can agree that she's the cutest thing ever - in whatever she's wearing!

Monday, January 01, 2007


EmJ's first Christmas was an absolute blast! I think Jeff and I were a little more excited for her first Christmas than she was, but she enjoyed it just the same!

We woke up Christmas morning and EmJ opened presents - or at least tried to! I helped her and she would tear the paper, but then just wanted to eat it. I'd have to say she was much more interested in the paper than the presents themselves, but we had a great time! And look - she even got some super cute Christmas pj's from her great-Auntie Mary and Uncle Randy. Present time was fun for Jeff and Maren too - we both got some pretty fun stuff. Jeff even got me a ticket to Oklahoma so EmJ and I can visit our best friends Kimmi, Chloe, and Ireland (and Chris too!)

After present time in the morning, we went to my parent's house for our annual Christmas brunch. EmJ had a fun time just being her cute little self...

Once brunch was over and we'd hung out for a little bit, we headed down to Aurora to do Christmas with Jeff's family. Aunt Stacey was staying with us over Christmas weekend, and EmJ loved being able to spend some time with her. Grandma Chuck and Grandpa Greg were also here - and of course EmJ loved being with them too! There were a lot of people in Aurora that EmJ got to hang out with. Kaylea and Micah have a Great Dane named Moses who EmJ just adored... as you can see, they became instant friends! :o)

Overall... EmJ's first Christmas was fantastic for all!