Tuesday, September 26, 2006

14 pounds 15 ounces... 24.5 inches... 4 MONTHS!!!

That's right... our fabulous EmJ is now 4 months old! On one hand, I can't believe she's 4 months already - time really does fly. And on the other hand, I can't believe she's only been here 4 months cause I don't reallly remember life without her!!! :o)

EmJ is the most wonderful baby and she just doesn't ever cease to amaze us, make us laugh, or make us smile from ear to ear. She's getting so big! We went to the doctor yesterday and she's 14 pounds, 15 ounces and 24.5 inches long. She gets more beautiful every single day and we just can't get enough! EmJ is at such a great age right now... she is all smiles, giggles, coos, and laughs. Her laughter is becoming more of a regular thing and I think it's my most favorite part of being a mom... hearing that hilarious belly laugh. She has discovered herself in the mirro
r and of course she thinks she is the most gorgeous baby there is! She loves looking at herself and "whole-body smiling" at that super cute baby in the mirror!

Jeff just couldn't get enough of EmJ when she was wearing her little pink beanie. This "ooo" face is one of her favorite faces to make right now. I know we're biased over here - but she is down right ADORABLE! She is getting very close to rolling over from her back to her tummy. She gets herself up on her side pretty well so it won't be long. She is constantly grabbing at toys and trying to bring them to her mouth. It's so fun to watch because every day I see her hand-eye coordination get better and better. She's also become a fantastic sleeper! She sleeps through the night like a pro (thanks to some help from a book by Dr. Ferber!) and I am definitely glad for the sleep!

For those of you wondering about Jeff and Maren... Jeff just got a super promotion and he's now the IT Manager. It's pretty great! I (Maren, silly) am teaching just 2 days a week for a home-school program. I love that I get to teach and EmJ gets to hang out with her auntie and nana, so I don't have to worry at all. Maverick (our cat) is also doing well - adjusting to EmJ and all that. She's just starting to notice him, so that's pretty fun. Things are amazing for the Miller family... we just couldn't be happier!

Stay tuned... EmJ should be starting rice cereal soon, so I'm sure we'll have a messy-faced EmJ blog very soon! :o)

Friday, September 01, 2006

3 months... you betta believe it!

That's right... she's 3 months old now! Sheesh... I can't believe how fast it all goes! Everyone tells you that time just flies, but you never understand it until you have a little one who changes so incredibly much. EmJ is an absolute joy in our lives. She loves to smile and talk, talk, talk. Her new favorite thing is to "sing" along when we sing to her. I'll sing to her and she'll just stare at me and ooo and coo along. It's one of my favorite things too!

My mom always said that once babies hit 3 months they really start to hit a bunch of milestones... which definitely seems to be the case for EmJ already. She r
ecently discovered that she can bring her hands together - so cute how the most random things can be so great for us parents! She is also smacking at and playing with toys held in front of her face. It seems like every single day she does it even more! She's also starting to love sucking on her fists, which just makes me laugh cause let me tell you, it's not a quiet sort of new hobby. :o)

EmJ recently had her first full days away from mom. I'm sure it was much harder for me than it was for her!! I'm working (I do get to teach... yea!!!) just 2 days a week, so she gets to hang out with her Auntie Amy (and cousins Janae and Jonah) one day and her Nana (and Papa) the other day. She did great both days (such a good thing to hear) and Amy and my mom loved having her. I think Jonah loved having her too! He just adores her - he was making up songs the other day and Amy told me she was laughing and smiling. They definitely love each other... too cute!

For those of you wondering... EmJ has been laughing more and more! She hasn't quite repeated the first belly laugh (at least not the the extent it was that first time), but she sure does like to giggle. The funniest part to me is that when we do crazy things to try to make her laugh she just looks at us like we're, well, crazy. Ha! It's the random silly little things we do that seem to get the laughter. She's so funny!

EmJ is getting quite the little personality now and it's so fun to watch! As I've said before, she's pretty stubborn... but lo
ok at her parents - we had no chance! :o) She likes to talk and sing and just be with people she loves. She also loves to ham it up for people - especially strangers. And boy, do people love her! Well, just look at her... who wouldn't love this girl?!

Being parents has been such an amazing thing for Jeff and me both. EmJ is a fabulous blessing in our lives... it's something we never could have imagined. It's so crazy to me that she's only been here 3 months... I can't really remember life without her! I just adore this picture of EmJ and her daddy... my 2 favorite people... we are so blessed.