Tuesday, July 17, 2007

our dancin' queen!

Here's a fun little video of EmJ dancing! :o) I think the funniest part is how she's crawling away from me at the end! Stinker! Also... there is a new blog with pictures just below this one! Enjoy! :o)

silly EmJ...

Just a few new EmJ pictures to share...

We put a swing up on our porch that EmJ obviously likes a lot! :o)
And one day she decided not to take an afternoon nap... that is until she was in the swing!
Our cutie on the 4th of July :o)
This is what happens when I'm making dinner... "MAMA!!!"
If you look closely, you can see her 1 tooth. That's right... only 1! Silly kid! PS - I'm not looking forward to the day 7 teeth come in at once!

Oh, so pretty with mama's watch on!

Giving her monkey some love before bedtime - notice the crazy hair! As she gives love, she always says "aawww!" It's stinkin' cute!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Just a quick glimpse at our fabulous EmJ... :o)

Monday, July 02, 2007

fun new stuff...

I've decided that I really need to blog more often because once I finally get a blog up I always have so many pictures! But I'm also guessing that no one is sad about new pictures of EmJ! :o) Here she is just playing - these balls are some of her absolute favorite things to play with right now.
Just this morning EmJ was playing with this bowl and putting it in front of her face like this. I was laughing pretty hard so she just kept it up - she loves to make people laugh!
It's been crazy hot here lately - so needless to say, we've been swimming lots! EmJ loves the water and can't seem to get enough of it. When we're in the big pool she's either in this boat floatie or with us. She just relaxes and as her daddy says "kicks it" in the boat.
Here she is in the kid pool. She's a big fan of splashing! :o)
I pretty much took this picture cause we got a new rug! EmJ's cute too though...
Here's a crawling picture - as promised. She's EVERYWHERE!
And yes... she is slowly but surely figuring out walking! She loves to walk with this Bingo Dog (once I put batteries in him he'll bark and play bingo as she pushes him). She hasn't taken steps on her own yet - still a bit timid. We'll keep you posted! I wish she could hang out with Ireland, Chloe, and Camdyn more - they'd sure love to teach her some walking tricks! We miss you guys!
EmJ is learning to feed herself with a spoon - it's messy, but she loves it!
She's pretty great...
EmJ got this hat from Corrie and Leigh right after she was born. Now that it fits, she loves it! The other night we were about to go for a walk and she put it on and left it on for most of the walk. Too stinkin' cute!