Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I'm A Cowgirl"

EmJ singing a cowgirl song... this kid cracks me up.
(Sorry the video is a little blurry - not sure why).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

puzzle time!

EmJ really enjoys putting puzzles together - here she is the other day after nap (excuse the crazy hair! :o) ) putting together a VeggieTales puzzle. She pretty much did the entire thing by herself - I only had to encourage her and remind her that she could do it and she rocked it!

This post reminds me a lot of this puzzle post about a younger puzzle-doing EmJ

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter morning... EmJ waiting for her basket!
With the goodies!
EmJ saw her basket on the table before she could open it (because I was still sleeping :o) ) so when she came to wake me up so she could open it, she said, "Mom! The Rabbit brought me new pony stuff!" So funny to me that she said the rabbit - ha!

Who lets their kid eat a hershey kiss this early in the morning? Ha! She discovered the chocolate in her eggs before we even thought to say something - ah, one won't hurt! :o)

Looking so pretty in her Easter dress!
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Painting Eggs

I found a kit where you paint eggs instead of dying them - EmJ had a great time!EmJ was so funny - she wanted to paint each egg it's own color even though I told her she could use different colors on one egg. I painted a striped one to show her, but she wanted them to each be their own color. Ha!
Here she is saying "cheese!" but obviously not looking at the camera - too busy painting away!

2 thumbs up for her finished eggs!
(we took a bath while they were drying - thus the wet hair and pjs) :o)

Easter Fun at Church

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt our church had on Saturday morning and had a super fun time! Before we left - looking all spring-like :o)
Waiting in line to ride ponies

EmJ petting her pony before the ride

So fun!

"Hunting" for eggs
"Check out my basket!"

21 Weeks

This morning Jeff asked me to post some new blogs - including a belly picture... so, here's the latest - 21 weeks.
And... our little man has a name...
Luke Jeffrey

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's A...


Can you tell? :o)

We're all very excited around here! Woo-hoo!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Snow" Much Fun!

Last week we had our annual March snowstorm (seriously, annual) and the next day EmJ and I had lots of fun playing in the snow!
Sitting in the snow - she thought this was pretty cool. And I thought it was funny cause she obviously didn't really sink down any!
Awesome snow! It's hard to say how much we got because it was so windy and there were drifts and stuff all over - but I'd say it was about 1 foot. Fun times!
Tromping around - EmJ had a great time doing this, once she figured out how to really walk in the deep snow.

Her "snow chair!" I asked her if she wanted to make a snow angel and she said yes! But then I said she had to lay down and she said, "I don't want to make a snow angel." HA! She settled for a snow chair - and thought it was pretty cool stuff. The sun was a little too bright for her to look right at me, thus the funny face :o)

Standing by the tree... this picture reminds me of another picture from a long while ago...

this one...

So super cute! EmJ's very first snow in front of the same tree! :o) She was so little!