Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EmJ's Drawing!

EmJ drew this picture of Daddy today: Stinkin' cute!!! Obviously I labeled it so you can tell what each thing is - and I also "helped" her draw this by saying "Ok, draw Daddy's eyes, now his nose...etc." I do have to add that the goatee (which she calls pokies) :o) was all her idea. So awesome!!!
**For those of you stinkers who wondered at first what the "pokies" were - get your minds out of the gutter! Sheesh!!! Hahahaaa!

pictures and a love of hats!

Cute cowgirl!
Clearly EmJ is concentrating on her drawing! :o)
Ireland, Chloe, and EmJ just playing and laughing together!!! So cute!
EmJ has had a love for shoes for a long time - and it doesn't seem like it'll go away! :o) Here she is wearing Kir's shoes...
Chloe and EmJ play together often - and the funny thing is, 2 year-olds don't usually play with other kids - just next to them. Well, EmJ and Chloe love each other - they totally set up the chairs like this by themselves and were just playing away!
EmJ "playing the Wii"
We have Wii Fit and you stand on a board - so when we play, EmJ gets out her stool so she can "play" too!
Nice... we'll keep this going!!!
If you didn't notice throughout this post - EmJ loves hats! She used to ask me if she could wear hats all the time - especially right before we are about to leave- but sometimes I would say "no, mommy just combed your hair so pretty - let's not wear a hat right now..." Well, she decided she'd stop asking and just grab a hat, shove it on her head, and run out the door. I told her the other day, "EmJ - you're a tomboy and you're only 2!" And she said "No, Mommy - I a tomgirl!" :o)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Future Olympian!!!!

The other night (well, really every night) we were watching the Olympics and EmJ decided she needed to get in on the action. She seriously did all these things by herself and told us what she was doing... needless to say, we were cracking up! :o)"Diving"
One of my favorites :o)

"Gymnastics" (2)

We were watching men's gymnastics this night - I'm pretty sure this is the parallel bars :o) and yes, her feet really are off the ground!


I'm gonna go with backstroke! Ha!!

Getting up after swimming - just a cute picture, really! :o)
I'll post more pictures as the Olympics continue!!!
I know I've been a blog slacker lately - I have to do a post of Jeff's Alaska pictures too... soon, soon, soon! :o)

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Grandma Chuck (Jeff's mom Charlotte - I know it's silly, but I've called her Chuck since I met her, so that's why she's Grandma Chuck), :o) and Grandpa Greg came for a visit. Uncle Travis got to come hang out with us a lot too! We had lots and lots of fun. I even got to shoot sporting clays with Greg, Travis, and Jeff - which was super fun!Grandpa tickling EmJ :o)
The cowgirls
Stinkin' cute - don't you just love all their hats?!
EmJ with Uncle Travis - I'm sad I didn't get a better picture - EmJ ADORES Uncle Travis!
In Grandma's boots!