Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Luke (or Lukey, as EmJ calls him)
EmJ wearing Mom's awesome Chucks

Our little man is filling out! :o)

Super Star!
Luke's first time getting mommy milk from a bottle... he did awesome!
It's been chilly outside the past few days, so we've stayed inside a lot. Yesterday EmJ and I decided to make edible cookie dough (basically without eggs so you can eat it - YUMMY!)... she was so excited to eat it that she couldn't even make it to the table - she just plopped down and started eating! Ha ha!
It was so good she couldn't even look at the camera :o)
I love this picture of Luke because it shows lots about him right now...
1. His sweet old man hair (totally bald just on top with lots of hair on the sides and in back)
2. His arms (and the rest of him) are getting chubby
3. His super awesome smile (which he is doing more and more -LOVE it!)
4. He's just stinking cute!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Luke Smiles!

I caught Luke smiling on video camera today! :o) Enjoy!!!

PS - don't you just love his old man hair? Haha!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

one month old already?!

That's right... Luke turned 1 month yesterday! Wow...
He's starting to smile at will :o) -still working on it, but he's done it a few times... so fun!
He's also finding his voice which is just adorable!
We are obviously loving this little man more and more everyday... including EmJ - she often says "Luke's cute, isn't he?" :o)
Ok, I know you're all here for pictures... so here we go!
He's definitely growing :o)
EmJ and Luke hanging out on this awesome quilt "Grandma Jan" made!
Grandma Chuck and the kiddos
We had a very fun time with Grandma Chuck and Grandpa Greg when they came out to visit!!

Grandpa Greg and Luke

Awesome shirt from Corrie and Leigh

Aww... people always ask why I'm never in the pics on the blog, so here you go :o)
Love this little man!!!

We just woke up and EmJ wanted to hold Luke... so sweet

EmJ pretending to be a baby on Luke's mat

Yes!!! Another "chillin" picture - he's just awake this time. I love that he hangs out like this! :o)

Playing some baseball with Daddy at Uncle Bob and Aunt Pam's house
We all went to Aurora so everyone there could meet Mr Luke- so fun!

Running the bases

I love this picture :o)

He just adores her... it's so fun to watch! And he knows her voice - whenever he hears her, he looks around for her - stinkin' cute!

Our big 1 month old... a little grin...

...and the big smile... oops, eyes closed! :o)
I know I've said it before, but we are just so blessed and thankful for our family!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

everyday life...

EmJ playing outside... sheesh, she has long eyelashes!!! Lucky gal! :o)
Luke's first bath! The washcloth was really placed just to make sure he didn't pee everywhere... haha! It's definitely different with a boy!

After bath... so sweet!

Miss EmJ doing a somersault for the camera... what a ham!

Luke hangin' out on his mat...

Yep, this is EmJ about the same age (on the same mat)... think they're related? :o)

Just swinging away...

I took this picture during dinner, so there is some food on her face and her hair is a little on the crazy side, but look at those eyes!!!
We are so blessed and are loving our family of four!