Thursday, January 28, 2010

a few more pictures

An up-close of the kiddos on the chair

EmJ and Luke just love each other... so super cute!

... are they related?
(there's another new blog with just a few pictures below this one)

New Furniture! :o)

We got a new couch and chair and I'm being harassed because I haven't posted pictures yet... (hahahaa!) So, here they are:

The couch

and the chair (I love this chair!)

Not the greatest picture of the kiddos... but whatev!

Here's Luke at 5 months... this time with the monkey ;)

...and one more of Mr. Big-Shot sitting up all by himself!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Luke is 5 months...and other fun things!

The other morning EmJ asked me to take a picture of her and Luke... they're pretty darn cute even in jammies and with crazy hair! :o)

I had to post this picture... it makes me laugh out loud! Ha!!!

Our sweet little man is 5 months old!!!! WHAT?!

Luke (on the left) at 5 months - figuring out this whole "sitting up" thing... and EmJ (on the right) at just about the same age, doing the same thing!

Luke's 5 month picture - I'm just realizing I forgot to take one with his monkey, so I'll have to do that soon. I think you can still tell that he's getting bigger and bigger!
Luke is a very sweet boy - he's super laid back and mostly just goes with the flow. He's learning how to sit up on his own and is really liking that he can just play by himself. He still adores his Jumperoo and his big sister. She can make him laugh - which she also loves. :o) He is also quite the mover - he's constantly kicking his legs or wanting to stand up... I think he's only still when he's sleeping! Some things to look forward to - starting "solid" foods fairly soon... fun!

Awesome Army shirt :o)

One of my favorite pictures... so hilarious! She loves limes... even if you can't tell by the face! Ha!

My good friend, Emily (from college) and her husband, Adam, and their girls (Gianna and Selah) were out here last week. We had such a great time playing and hanging out that I forgot to take a lot of pictures. But, here's EmJ and Gianna in the "bed" they made...

...and "sleeping" in their bed. Too cute!

Luke just hanging out

Yep, she's reading under her table with a flashlight... hahaa!
Side note: she was helping me with dinner and was a little too strong to crack the egg, so some got on her shirt - which is why she's shirtless. :o)

Love this boy!

Love this girl!

Love these awesome kids!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chloe and Ireland Visit!

The Shellaby's are moving to Washington state (they are actually there right now) and they stopped in Colorado on their way. We had a blast with them here!
One day we made cookies... it was messy... and lots of fun!



EmJ (love that she's staring at the cookie!)

Just hanging out... haha!


The best of friends :o)

The 3 girlies...

...and EmJ being crazy. Weird! :o)

I just had to add one picture of Luke... what a sweet, sweet boy he is!

Thursday, January 07, 2010