Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EmJ is 2!

That's right! EmJ is TWO!
Her birthday was Monday - May 26th - also Memorial Day. A very special thank you to all the troops past and present who are serving our country... we can't say thanks enough.
EmJ got this computer from Daddy and Mama and this princess table (just her size!) from Grandma Chuck. She loves them!
The computer was definitely a great idea (thanks, Becki!) - obviously EmJ likes it. :o) This picture makes me laugh because it's clear that she's concentrating and Jeff looks just like this when he's doing something on the computer... haha!
EmJ in her awesome new KU hat playing with her new baby. Thank you to everyone for all the presents.... she was very blessed. And she is LOVING her new stuff!
We had to have another cupcake on her actual birthday - and sing again because birthdays are the best! And because at the party our video camera was dead, so we needed to record it! ;)
The frosting mustache! :o)
Half of it showed up when she took a bite, but the other half was added with a little help from Papa... hee hee

Playin' with fun new stuff!
Dancing with Daddy...
so stinkin' cute!
And one more thing...

Yep... we've started potty training - pray for us! :o)

EmJ has been showing a LOT of interest in the potty, so I thought I owed it to her to try actual potty training... we're giving it a week or so and then we'll re-evaluate. No, I definitely don't expect her to be potty trained in a week - I just want to see if she really is interested enough to learn right now. She did go potty in the actual potty yesterday... so that's awesome! We'll keep you posted on how it goes!

EmJ's Awesome Rock Chalk Jayhawk Birthday Party!!!

We had EmJ's fabulous Rock Chalk Jayhawk birthday party on Saturday... and it was SUPER!
EmJ was so excited for her party! It didn't start until 4:30pm, and all day she kept saying, "Jayhawk Party!!!"
EmJ with her Papa :o)
I LOVE this picture!
EmJ, Daddy, and Mama - right before singing and cake!
EmJ was blessed to have 2 sets of great-grandparents at her party! This is EmJ with Great-Grandpa Lee and Great-Grandma C (Jeff's mom's parents)
And here she is with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Cobb (Maren's mom's parents)

Opening presents...
Our awesome Jayhawk cake and super-duper basketball cupcakes...
Thanks for all your help, Sar! EmJ is not a huge fan of getting her hands messy - so after picking up her cupcake once, she opted for this... haha! (she did this last year too)
EmJ with Grandma Chuck and Aunt Stacey after enjoying her cake :o)
And with Grandpa GregWith Nana and Papa before cake (I'll have to get the picture from whoever they ARE looking at!) :o)
EmJ had a fabulous party... thank you to all of you who were there and those of you who were thinking about EmJ even though you couldn't be there.
We are so thankful for all of you!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"C-oe" & "I-land" :o)

We've been hanging out with Kimmi, Ireland, and Chloe a lot lately because duh, they're fabulous! (As you can probably tell by the title, EmJ calls them C-oe and I-land... super cute!) Here are some fun and funNY pictures of the 3 of them!The other day we were playing at our house and the girls were all wound up and I decided I should try to get them to sit for a picture... hahaha!!! They were hilarious! This is what we got :o)
They were playing a game where someone would climb on the couch from the side (where EmJ is in the picture) and they'd bounce/fall across the couch. It was SO FUNNY!!! Kimmi and I were laughing so hard and the girls were loving it! Not the safest game ever... but nobody got hurt! :o)
We went to the park today (can I just say I LOVE this fabulous weather?!) and Ireland wanted to push EmJ on the swing... so cute!
Chloe swinging... she's saying "WEEEEE!!!"
I was trying to get EmJ and Chloe to go down this slide together... Chloe was annoyed with the sand in her shoes, so she was getting that out first. Kids are so funny!
Just a couple random EmJ pictures... this is her leap pad that she just adores! You can find her like this pretty much any time on any given day if we're just hanging out at home!
EmJ continues to love Maverick... he doesn't always love her back... but, she's learning to be nice (and quiet) around him and he's slowly allowing her to get closer to him. She LOVES to pet him... when she gets the chance! :o)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

fun stuff!!!

I know, I know... EmJ has ridiculous amounts of Jayhawk stuff. BUT... KU rocks and she has lots of people who love her and who love the Jayhawks too (especially Grandma and Kir!) I just had to post a picture of her awesome Championship shirt! Plus - look how proud she looks to be wearing it - she LOVES her hawks!
EmJ and Chloe just chatting away... seriously, these two really are best friends! :o) I've never seen 2 kids this age play together the way they do. Love it!
Please continue to keep Chloe and Ireland's daddy, Chris, in your prayers as he's serving our country right now! We love him!
EmJ got shoes that match Daddy's... hers are just a tad cleaner.
Awe... EmJ and Daddy all matchy-matchy... hee hee! From the KU sweatshirts to the shoes!
EmJ' s very first golf lesson!!! I think Jeff was just as excited as she was!
Doin' it herself
Just chillin' ... hahaha!!!