Thursday, September 18, 2008

just some new pictures... :o)

Kind of a random mix of pictures, but still cute! :o)EmJ smelling some flowers
With Great-Grandpa Lee and Great-Grandma C on their 60th wedding anniversary! So awesome!!!
EmJ being quite a girly-girl! (She's not always a "tom-girl!")
Dancing on Daddy's shouldersFlying with Daddy :o)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a fun day at the museum!

Jeff, EmJ and I got to spend a fun day together at the WOW Museum and we had a blast! :o)EmJ in the pirate lighthouse
I had to put this one on - EmJ loves coloring (seriously, this is something we do at least twice a day!) so she had to do it at the museum too! And yes, the tongue is always out!
EmJ in a dinosaur (or maybe a dragon) costume
This thing was awesome! It's a huge bubble that goes around the kid - so cool! EmJ could have played with this for hours!
Driving the car... so awesome!
And here's a video of EmJ with tap shoes on... I think she liked them!!!