Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Day!

For Christmas my sister, Amy, decided to have a "Fun Day" with all the cousins. The Fun Day happened yesterday and boy, was it, well, fun! :o)
The day started at Chuck E. Cheese's (Jonah, Cadence, EmJ, Janae)
EmJ had never been here (gasp! I know!) and she had a blast! Of course, the other kiddos had some fun too! :o)

Luke got to go on the Fun Day too - he just hung out a lot (and was great!)

EmJ and Chuck E. Cheese himself!

Janae and EmJ on a Kiddie Rollercoaster Ride

Next was Chick-fil-A for lunch... here they are waiting patiently for food!

After lunch we went to the WOW! Children's Museum. EmJ had been here before, but none of the other kids had - they all had a fabulous time! Here's Jonah playing with the trains.

Janae at the "Whole Foods" in the museum - making flour!

Cadence on the sweet pulley - you better believe she made it to the top - no problem!

EmJ dressed up as a tap-dancing lion.
This stage was the spot of the day for the girls - they put on dress-up clothes and lots of shows for us :o)

Back to Chick-fil-A (lucky!!!) after the museum for some ice cream... before dinner!

Right before bed last night - EmJ was so tired, but had such a fabulous day! A huge thanks to Auntie Amy for a fantastic fun day!!! :o)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Merry Christmas everyone!
We had a great Christmas - and hope you all did too! We are again reminded of how blessed we are and how thankful we are for the gift of Jesus! :o)
On Christmas Eve we went to my sister's house and had incredible Italian food (a tradition in our house) for dinner. Christmas morning was spent opening presents and hanging out with our kiddos. Then we went to brunch at my parents house and then on to Aurora to have Christmas dinner with Jeff's family. The next day we did our Christmas celebration with Jeff's mom and step-dad. All in all, it was a very fun weekend!
And here are lots of pictures for you to enjoy...
Christmas Eve - Daddy & Luke

Grammy & Luke
This snowglobe was a gift from Grammy to EmJ last year - she still loves it and this year Luke is fascinated by it! :o)

Cousins (Janae, Cadence, Jonah, and EmJ) on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning!!! EmJ with her fish (which she named Ariel) that Santa brought! :o)

The Luke-ster on Christmas morning

Super excited about an Imagination Movers DVD!

Daddy and Luke hanging out on Christmas morning

Luke just playing with his new toys

EmJ playing with her toys - we were going to go to brunch at my parents house soon, so she didn't have to eat much for breakfast. When I told her she could just eat and keep playing she said, "Oh mom! You're the best!" :o)

Our sweet kiddos

My whole family! :o) It was fabulous that my brother and niece, Cadence, got to come for Christmas! It's always wonderful to have everyone together!!!

Siblings :o)

Handsome boy on his first Christmas!

A generation picture - Jeff's grandparents, his mom, Jeff, and the kids, of course!

Mr. Luke when we got home on Christmas night

Grammy reading to Luke

EmJ opening presents - what a blast this was this year! One thing I loved about watching her was that she was very interested in everything she opened - she wasn't just interested in ripping through the gifts. :o)

Thanks, Grandpa Greg!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Theater, Cookies, and Fun!

We have had lots of fun lately!
First, I took EmJ to see her first movie in a theater (EmJ calls it a "Movie Fuder" - so awesome!). We saw The Princess and the Frog. She did awesome and enjoyed the movie (there were some "scary shadows" that she talked about, but overall, it was a super cute movie! I loved the themes and the music!). :o) And, thanks to Auntie Amy for watching Luke!
First we went to lunch at Noodles - EmJ's choice!

In the theater waiting for the movie to start...

Woo-hoo! :o) So much fun!

Last weekend we had some fun right after we woke up - in mom and dad's bed, of course! Love these kind of mornings...

Such a sweet, sweet boy!

EmJ's sweet earrings :o)

EmJ usually wakes up before the rest of us want to be awake, so we tell her to just play quietly in her room. This is what we found when we went in to get her... ha!

... and yep, you guessed it - the next morning she looked like this! Love it!

Playing on the couch... is he really this big already?!

EmJ's cousin Cadence (and Uncle Drew) are here! Yea!!!

We got to go to Kelli's (Chloe and Ireland's Nana) house to decorate cookies yesterday. We had so much fun! The only way it could have been better was if the girls were there too! :o)

Decorating away!

The awesome finished products :o)

...and the proud artist!

We're super excited around here for Christmas! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas... pictures to come soon!!!! Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Love to you all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luke is 4 months old!

Can you believe it?! This sweet little man is already 4 months old!
Stats: 13 pounds, 8 ounces (20th percentile)
25 1/4 inches (60th percentile)
Still tall and skinny... :o)

New stuff: Luke rolled over from his belly to his back awhile ago, but just recently rolled from his back to his belly. Very fun! I absolutely love this age - it's my favorite "baby" age - simply because they learn so much at this age and so much connects for them. It's just so fun to watch your kid learn new things and figure stuff out. Luke loves to play with his toys and watch his sister. Sometimes I think she's being too crazy, but he smiles and laughs at her just the same. :o) He's been laughing for awhile now - it's hilarious because he half laughs and half coos... so cute. He's still a fabulous sleeper (he's been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old) and a good eater. We love this little boy so much! Being a family of 4 is so wonderful and we are just enjoying our sweet blessings!

Finally, I had to add this picture of EmJ... I was wondering when this was going to happen...
Yep, I was nursing Luke the other day and EmJ decided she needed to nurse her baby too. :o) Ha!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lots of pictures...

...because really, who doesn't want to look at pictures of some cute kids? :o)


...and this is what most picture really end up like. Ha!

Love this girl.

Just being her crazy self!

Sweet, sweet boy.

Hey, ma!

Can he be any cuter?!


Look at those eyelashes...!

...seriously, mom? Are you still taking pictures of me?

Playing in the snow

Her favorite part - throwing snow at Daddy!

Hmmm... wonder where Luke got those awesome blue eyes...? :o)

Aunt Stacey is here visiting! Hooray!!!

Just having a little conversation with the monkey

...gotta love these moments - EmJ was watching a cartoon and just decided to sit next to Luke and hold his hand.... :o)