Tuesday, September 28, 2010

luke talking :o)

2 little videos of Luke talking...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

hooray football!

Today Luke was taught something extremely important in our house...

He was clearly very proud of himself


fall is here!

EmJ, Luke, and I went on a walk the other day because it was so gorgeous outside! Fall is clearly here! Well, sort of... it was like 89 degrees today. That's Colorado for you!
However, on the day we took our walk it was in the upper 70s and just awesome. I told EmJ she could bring a bag and collect some stuff so we could make something with it at home... she was excited about that- to say the least!

Here she is looking for some stuff
(this was at the beginning and I think she had like 37 rocks already...)

Pretty sure she's trying to decide between some leaves or something

I had to include this picture... my sad attempt at a picture of the kids together. To be fair, EmJ was too excited about picking things up to stop and take a picture (hence the annoyed look) and Luke was just sleepy enough that he did not want the stoller to stop moving. At all! Ha! :o)

Mr. Grasshopper
Um, is it the year of the grasshopper or is it just me? These things are everywhere. And I think this is gross, but Jeff and EmJ thought it was a cool picture so here you go. ;)

She did stop and smile for me before we left :o)

And Luke laughed for me too

This was just taken tonight before bed because I kept forgetting to get a picture. Here's the fun nature collage we made after our walk with some of the stuff EmJ collected.
We're all pretty excited for fall to be here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday afternoon fun!

EmJ and Daddy played some sweet Wii bowling this weekend...

and this was the score:
If you know Jeff, you know he definitely didn't let EmJ win. The kid is good! :o)

And of course a blog post wouldn't be a blog post without some cute pictures of Luke too!
Luke-a-roo loves books! :o)

...and he loves smiling! He's such a fun, sweet boy!

This picture of EmJ is pretty awesome... a very cute and sweet girl with just a hint of sass. That's EmJ at 4 for sure!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

EmJ started preschool!!!

Yesterday was EmJ's very first day of preschool. Here's a little about her day in her own words:
Dear Everyone, I'm in school now and it's really fun! I got to school yesterday and Dad, Mom, and Luke took me. First we played with toys. I played with kitchen, little people, magnets, and Noah. Then we had a snack- it was cereal. Then we read a story called "Mouse's First Day of School" which was kind of like EmJ's first day of school! We sang a song about a funny bear. We went outside and I played with a shovel and a bucket. Then we came inside and I colored my bear and then cut him out. I really liked cutting the top. After I was done with my bear I put it in my drawer with my name, EmJ Miller. My drawer is blue. Then we went to circle again and I sat on the 4 cloud (on the rug) because I'm 4 years old. Then I waited for Mom and Luke to pick me up. I had a really fun day! From, EmJ

random pictures from the past few weeks...

This is just one night before bed - EmJ's hair had been in "rope braids" and she (and Jeff) loved the way it looked all wavy and cute... so, we took some pictures!

Daddy and his sweet girl

Luke is absolutely a walker now... and a runner half the time! :o)

Ok, we all know Luke looks like Jeff... but especially with a basketball and his tongue sticking out... hahaha!!! Love it!

This picture cracks me up... so I had to add it. :o)

This girl loves taking pictures... hmm, wonder where she got that?!

Love these pictures...

I just love how EmJ draws right now... so excuse her awesome morning hair and enjoy the drawing. :o)
The drawing, from the left: Maverick (our cat), Luke, EmJ, Daddy, Mommy
(love that I'm barely taller than the kids... it probably won't be long and that will be reality!)

a day at the lake!

We had this fun day at the lake over a month ago (sheesh!), but I just had to post some pictures...
EmJ and Nana on the tube

That's me... doing one of my most favorite things in the world... waterskiing!

Awesome boat hair!!! EmJ loved being the flag girl... :o)

My awesome brother, Drew, teaching his daughter, Cadence, how to kneeboard

...and there they go! :o)

Drew on the kneeboard

Awesome wipeout!!!

Luke on the boat... pretty sure he just woke up :o)
By far one of our favorite things to do around here... thanks Nana and Papa!