Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!!!
Family picture :o)

EmJ looking sweet and innocent (HA!)

Our Christmas started on Christmas Eve with EmJ's Grandma Chuck, Grandpa Greg, and Aunt Stacey. EmJ had lots of fun opening presents and being the center of attention!

EmJ looking fabulous on Christmas day! :o)

EmJ's fun chair from Santa - she loves it!

Maverick likes it too... as long as EmJ isn't around to kick him out! Ha!

This was actually today, but it made me laugh. She got this nalgene sippy and I put a Jayhawk sticker on it and the face she's making shows how excited she was about her sticker!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoy a great New Year as well!!!

Oh! One more thing -EmJ's other front tooth came in on Christmas Day! :o) She's up to 6 teeth now... woo-hoo!!!

psst... bonus mini-blog below :o)

puzzle fun!!!

Puzzles are one of EmJ's favorite things to do, so I caught some of the action on camera...

Yipee! :o)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here's a fun little video of EmJ repeating the ABCs with me. This is absolutely one of her favorite "games" to play. There's also some bonus "whistling" at the end, which is hilarious if you ask me!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

just a few pictures...

I just posted a blog (finally) earlier today, but had a few more pictures to share. :o)I love this outfit - the tights have stars all over them, and if you know me - that's fabulous! And the boots are just great!
This is what EmJ does every morning when I do her hair... and it makes Jeff laugh the most!
We've always played a game with EmJ where we smell her feet and say "Ooh! P-U! Stinky feet!" Well, she loves it and now she likes to smell her own feet which just cracks me up! And the flexibility of kids is insane!!!
Things are just fabulous for us... we're excited for Christmas and all the fun it will bring. Some news on the EmJ front - if you remember, she's only had 2 teeth (which she didn't get until after her birthday)... well, 3 new teeth popped through in a time span of about 5 days last week. It wasn't as crazy as I think it would have been if this happened when she was younger because she can communicate well enough to let us know her teeth hurt. She's a trooper and it's a good thing cause more are coming!

Thanksgiving in Kansas!

I know that I have been a big slacker when it comes to blogging... but I'm back! We all know time just flies by around this time of year. Hey, I'm proud that I'm getting Thanksgiving up before Christmas! :o)
We got to go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving this year to see Jeff's mom and step-dad and his sister (and lots of other fabulous people!) Here are some pictures of our super trip!
EmJ with Grandma Chuck and Grandpa Greg - let's just say she had a BLAST with them!
Super cute cowboy boots from Grandma Chuck!
Uh... there are 2 hats on my head! That's silly!
With Great-Gram and Great-Aunt Di
Aww... kissing Grandma Chuck
Laughing with Aunt Stacey - these 2 couldn't get enough of each other!
She loved this rocking chair!

And this rocking horse...!
With Aunt Stacey...
EmJ has "Socko" on her hand - a game Aunt Stacey taught her that she still loves and plays all the time - especially in the car! :o)
Jammin' out
So precious with cousin Colton

We just landed... and this was how she spent the whole flight. YES!

We had a fabulous trip and are excited for Christmas to see Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Stacey again! Yipee!!!