Monday, August 24, 2009

just hangin' out

We are just hanging out, getting into our new groove, and enjoying being a family of four...
Here are some pictures... :o) Our little man

This was before Luke was born - EmJ was coloring with sidewalk chalk and wanted to write some names. You can see where she wrote "Mommy" and "EmJ" on the right in this picture. She also wrote "Luke" and "Daddy" and all I told her was how to spell each name. The only letter she needed help with was the K in Luke's name... so awesome! She has loved letters since I can remember and obviously that love hasn't stopped! :o)
Big sister and little brother

EmJ wearing her awesome big sister shirt

Luke in his sweet little brother shirt

Luke, Daddy, and EmJ "sleeping"

Our sweet boy
Aren't they just the cutest?!

Daddy teaching Luke all about the important things in life :o)

Perhaps my favorite picture of Luke so far... :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Luke Jeffrey!

Luke Jeffrey Miller has joined the world!
Here's a super-duper picture loaded blog... :o)
Our precious son
Just born!
Stats: 6 pounds 14 ounces (exactly 1 pound more than EmJ)
20.25 inches long
Born August 14, 2009 at 8:26pm

Daddy holding his SON!

Cleaned up (with a crazy long cord before they cut it more!)

EmJ got to come see Luke right after he was born - she was absolutely giddy about him! She is doing so fabulous with him being home too... she just adores her brother!

Cousin Janae :o)

Nana with the kiddos

Cousin Jonah - he is so excited to have another boy around!

Papa and Luke

Resting... being born is hard work!

Mom and Luke
Super proud daddy!

Daddy's hand - Luke is yawning, not screaming :o)
Uncle Bob and Luke
Lots of fabulous people came to see us in the hospital... thank you so much for coming! And lots more people will be coming to visit soon... Grammy and Grandpa Greg, Aunt Stacey, Grandpa Reg and Grandma Tracey, Uncle Drew and Cadence... we can't wait to see you guys!

Hanging out with Kimmi! (She flew in just to see Luke! Yea!)

Daddy, Mommy, and Luke Jeffrey

Our super cute going home from the hospital outfit... which Luke promptly peed in right after this picture... awesome.

Going home outfit #2 :o)
Let's GO!

This morning... precious siblings...

We are so blessed and are just loving our family of 4!!!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

EmJ and Luke's Room! :o)

Here are a few pictures of EmJ and Luke's room...
Yep, it's a KU theme... are you surprised? :o)
We decided on KU cause we didn't want it to look like a nursery since they are sharing a room and EmJ already loves the Jayhawks and obviously Luke will too. :o) Plus, EmJ's favorite color is blue so she was excited just to have her room painted! Jeff painted their room while EmJ and I were in Oklahoma - he did a fantastic job!!! What a fabulous daddy (and husband)!
Their names... obviously :o)
EmJ's bed (for those of you who know the room, it's in the same place it's always been - the south wall)

Luke's crib (with AWESOME crib bedding I found online - love it!)
(fyi: the north wall)
EmJ being excited about her cool room!
(Don't worry, Mom - she still uses the awesome Backyardigans blanket you made - it was just in the washing machine when I took this picture!)
3 Jayhawks I drew/painted for their room. I have one left to finish and then we'll frame them and hang them up.
The changing table Jeff's grandpa made is against the east wall under the window (next to the closet). Their closet is huge, so we used some space in the back for drawers, etc. and moved the play kitchen stuff inside the closet (we took the doors off). EmJ really likes it and it opens their room up a lot!

And a belly picture... 38 weeks! Getting so close!

One more - just cause I thought this picture turned out super cute. :o)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

a very fun day!

The other day we had a very fun day with Nana, Uncle Eddie (Nana's brother), Auntie Amy, Janae, and Jonah. We went to a super fun park to play and eat lunch and then we went to Gateway for some mini-golf, go-carts, and tons of fun! :o)
EmJ swinging at the cool park - isn't Colorado awesome?!
Just hangin' around
Golfing with Auntie AmyFiguring it out...

Nana helping EmJ :o)

Janae, Jonah, and EmJ... good times!
After about hole 7, EmJ was pretty much done golfing... so she found other ways to entertain herself... :o)

She played on this hole for awhile (there wasn't anyone around us, so she could just play) - this is one where you hit the ball in a hole and it goes down a tube toward the real hole. EmJ would drop her ball in...

and then search for it below. I love this picture!!

In front of a cool house on the golf course - she obviously thought it rocked!

With Janae and Jonah in front of the awesome gorilla!

Woo-hoo... GO-CARTS! EmJ was big enough to ride in the kiddie ones, but the guy who worked there had to sit on the side and help her drive. The concept of the gas and the brake are still a tad beyond her :o) She loved it!!!
We also played some fun video games, did the human maze, and even got ice cream when we were finished... what a super fun day!