Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer fun!

Just a few pictures of some random fun we've been having! :o)
Playing outside with moonsand
So fun!
Playing in the sprinkler :o)

I love her face in this one - hilarious!
And of course, trying to drink from the sprinkler... I definitely remember doing this as a kid!

Fishing with daddy... check out her face - SO excited! :o)

Daddy and EmJ caught 4 fish this day - here's the biggest of the day! Good times!

Grandma Chuck was just out here for the weekend and EmJ got to spend a special night with just Grandma at the hotel - she had a great time!
Chloe and Ireland are here for a super quick visit too, so we've hung out with them some and EmJ has been in heaven getting to play with her best friends!!!
I'm still pregnant :o) - 37 weeks today. Things are looking great, so we're just waiting for Mr Luke to make his grand entrance...
We'll keep you posted, of course!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I was wondering when this would happen...

The other day EmJ was playing and said, "Hey mom! I have a baby in my tummy too!"
She says that a lot, but I looked at her and sure enough, she had a "baby" in her tummy! Ha! I knew this was bound to happen... too funny!
With her "baby in her tummy"

...and holding her baby :o)

I've been horrible at taking pictures lately - sorry! We've had lots of fun recently playing with family from Hawaii, swimming, dancing (we went to a wedding - I forgot my camera but I'll try to get some pictures other people took - EmJ ADORED dancing... it was awesome!), and all kinds of fun stuff. I'll try to be better at taking pictures! Hope you all are having a fabulous summer so far! :o)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

our 4th and some swimming :o)

Just a few fun pictures to share... EmJ on the 4th of July waiting for the fireworks
Our family :o)

We bought this swimming pool to keep at my mom and dad's house and it has been fabulous! Clearly EmJ LOVES it!!!

"Swimming like a mermaid"
One last cute pool picture!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

33 weeks...

Luke sure is getting big! :o)