Saturday, October 31, 2009

Princess Jasmine and her friend, Rajah, would like to wish you a
Happy Halloween!

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Snow Day(s)

This is what it looked like out our front door earlier this week...
So we had to be creative in order to keep entertained. :o)
Here's a look at what we did:

Painted with food...


Smiled at mom

EmJ played with ponies and Luke hung out (and Mav eyed the little pony pieces)

Cooed at mom

And that evening, it looked like this (yep, still snowing...)

So we had some hot chocolate and popcorn

The next morning it was still pretty snowy, so we hung out in our pjs for awhile

Watched some tv (haha!)

Ventured out and went to play with cousins Janae and Jonah in their backyard

and went sledding down the awesome hill Ken, Janae, and Jonah had built in their front yard

Maverick sat on the vent loving the heat...
Good times. :o)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A fun video and some pumpkin painting!

Here's a fun video of Luke playing, talking, and smiling :o)

EmJ and Luke

Painting pumpkins!

Hard at work

The finished products - so proud!

What Luke was doing while EmJ was painting pumpkins
Stay tuned for Halloween pictures soon! :o)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sunflower Farm

This past weekend Jeff's mom (Grammy) was here and we had a great time! One of the fun things we did was go to The Sunflower Farm - pumpkins, animals, rides, and tons of fun!
EmJ in the pumpkins :o)

On the rollercoaster... she absolutely loved it!

Ridin' the railroad

EmJ and mom in the spinning strawberry... super! ;)

Pony ride... another favorite

Huge turtle at the petting zoo

What? A camel? Yep.

This is how big EmJ is this fall!
It was a gorgeous day and we had a fabulous time! Yea for fall!

So sweet... had to include it :o)

This adorable, sweet boy had his 2 month check-up today. He's 11 pounds (25th percentile) and 23 3/4 inches (70th percentile). Tall and skinny... who's surprised? :o) He's growing like a champ and doing great!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Luke is 2 months old!

Seriously... 2 months?! Already? Sheesh.

Luke smiles all the time now... we LOVE it! :o)

The first snow of the season... and Luke's first snow ever!

EmJ and Papa wearing some sweet hats

One of EmJ's obsessions lately... puzzles! She'll do the same ones over and over too...
(this was obviously pre-stitches!)

Our sweet, happy 2 month old boy!

2 month picture - he's getting so dang big!

...and one more... he's just so cute!

Jeff and I got to go see Wicked with some awesome friends the other night... our first night away from the kids since Luke was born. We had a blast and the show ROCKED! (Thanks to my parents and sister for hangin' with the kids!)

Just this morning - EmJ talking to Luke. It's hard to get a good picture of it, but they both love this - lots of smiles for sure!

Miss EmJ with her sweet stitches...
She's doing great - doesn't even notice them unless they itch... no fun! We get them out Monday - hooray!

And one more awesome picture of Luke.
We love our life.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EmJ's first trip to the ER...

That's right... our sweet girl had to go to the Emergency Room yesterday... :(
Here's the story:
EmJ was running and tripped on the rug and hit her head on her princess table (the doctors and nurses thought it was awesome that she specified princess). It's a little kid folding table and she hit where you push the button to fold the legs in - the "perfect" spot to split her head open. I had just finished feeding Luke and he was sleeping (very helpful!) - I rushed over as she was crying and gushing blood. I picked her up, we went to the kitchen - got a paper towel on it (not before I got a good look at it and knew it definitely needed stitches), put pressure on it to stop the bleeding, and got her face cleaned up a little. I stayed calm even though the adrenaline was pumping through me like crazy! We talked about her favorite things and she stayed pretty calm. I called Jeff (which consisted of people in his office running around to find him because I clearly sounded stressed!) - he came right home so we could take her in. We're so lucky he's so close because it would have been super hard for me to do it by myself - having to put Luke in his carseat and drive, etc. Anyway - we went drove to the hospital (Jeff held EmJ in the back so he could keep pressure on the cut) and as we thought, EmJ needed stitches. She did incredible! The numbing stuff wore off when they were almost done and she flinched and cried, but stayed still! She is amazing!!! Don't worry, they numbed it up again before they finished. Needless to say, EmJ got to pick where we went for lunch (McDonald's - surprise! Ha!) and she quickly was back to her normal happy self. What a day!!! We're so glad she is ok and that she was such a trooper through the whole thing! We sure love our EmJ!
Here are some pictures of the whole ordeal...
Jeff really wanted me to include the picture of the cut before stitches - and it's pretty nasty! Look at your own risk! :o) (it's the 3rd picture below)
After the whole ordeal - 6 stitches!

When we got to the hospital they put this bandage on her... this picture and the next were taken with Jeff's cell phone. I was a little too stressed to think about the camera on the way out the door. And yes, she was still in pajamas and her hair was crazy...

Below is the nasty one:

The cut before stitches... YUCK!

After stitches and lunch - at home with her rainbow bear from the nurse :o)

And a close-up of her stitches!
We're so glad Miss EmJ is ok and was back to her happy, laughing, normal self in no time! When she saw her "owie" in the mirror for the first time she laughed and said, "that's a funny owie!" Hey, blue string on an owie is pretty silly! :o)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fabulous photo shoot!

When Luke was about 2 weeks old, we had some family pictures taken by my friend Corrie who did a fantastic job! (We did the same thing with EmJ when she was 2ish weeks old). Here are some of my favorites... it was SO hard to choose! :o) Enjoy!