Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyone likes new pictures... :o)
Stinkin' cute EmJ and Mav
Dress-up - such a fabulous outfit!

Playing in the leaves at Nana and Papa's

Nana and EmJ- buried in leaves! :o)

Crazy glasses (and hair)! Hahahaa!

Bubble bath - woo-hoo!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

no more binks...!

That's right... EmJ is all done with binks (pacifiers)! She's only had them at night for a long time now, but decided she was ready and we're done with them all together! Woo-hoo!!!
We had a special night last night with EmJ - we went to dinner and then got a cookie at the mall. And... she got to pick out a special pillow to have instead of her binks.
This is the cat pillow she picked out:
It's very cool because it looks like a stuffed animal, but it can unfold to a regular pillow... this! She obviously loves it! :o)

She did really well going to sleep last night - she woke up once and asked where her bink was, but I just told her she was a big girl and we were all done with binks and she went right back to sleep! Yipee!!!

Sheesh... she's growing up so fast! :o)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

a very happy halloween!

We had a very fun Halloween this year! I was pretty excited for it because it's the first year that EmJ could really, really enjoy everything going on. We went to our church's Pumpkin Patch party where there were tons and tons of super fun things to do! There was a hall of candy filled with lots of fun characters, carnival-type games, a play area, lots of bouncy houses, music, food... all kinds of good stuff. And boy, did we have fun! Our fabulously cute Snow White!!!
There was face paint and Kimmi had the awesome idea of EmJ getting an apple cause she was Snow White... stinkin' cute!

When we walked into the gym, EmJ bolted for the basketball shoot... not sure if she saw candy, or it was just her love for basketball :o) but it was pretty funny!

EmJ and Chloe waiting in line for a game - sharing a kiss... super cute! (Chloe was a "Stinky" (skunk) but her costume got too hot - there's a cute picture of her in it soon!)

Wonder Woman rockin' the ball-toss
(and Jeff was very proud of his picture - notice the ball going in the jar)

The Lil Stinky and the ball-toss
(notice the ball again - 2 for 2 - nice, Jeff!)

EmJ golfing with Daddy

EmJ and Daddy on a very fun (and tiring!) Halloween!

more pumpkin fun!

As promised, here are the pumpkin painting pictures... EmJ having tons of fun painting!
Chloe, Ireland, and EmJ painting away
Ireland - look at that concentration!

Chloe painting her pumpkin
EmJ getting some blue paint - her favorite color :o)

And EmJ with her finished products
Kimmi posted a blog about this too so head over to her page to see more fun pictures :o)
Halloween blog is on it's way... stay tuned!