Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a very fun Thanksgiving and a great time decorating for Christmas too! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy...
Little Brother and Big Sister... so sweet!

This boy loves to be naked... or at least mostly naked :o)

Our sweet EmJ

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This is the same outfit EmJ wore for her first Thanksgiving - so fun!

Miss EmJ on Thanksgiving

We were getting all the stuff out to decorate for Christmas (HOORAY!) and I told EmJ to take the stockings somewhere else while I went through the rest of the stuff. I looked over and saw this... hahaaa! We then talked about how they really aren't socks... :o)

What Luke was doing while we were getting Christmas stuff ready...

Decorating the tree... this was very fun cause this year EmJ was old enough to actually help... she did great! Obviously there are a lot of ornaments on the bottom half of the tree, but it looks super cute that way! :o)

The finished product! EmJ's holding other Christmas stuff we were putting up too... they are Mickey snow globes...she thinks they're pretty darn cool.

Daddy and Luke were watching the KU game while we decorated... weird! :o)

This was just this morning... Luke was just staring at EmJ... he thinks she pretty much rocks!

Our handsome boy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daddy, Kiddos, and Fun!

Here are some pictures of Daddy and his kiddos... and some extra bonus ones too! :o)
Yes, those are matching shirts. And they are AWESOME.

So big... having fun in the exersaucer!

EmJ giggling about something or other... she is seriously hilarious! Jeff and I are constantly laughing at the things this girl says!
Funny story: The other day she was eating and I had to go feed Luke, so she was going to be at the table by herself. She only had a few more bites, and I said, "EmJ, I want you to finish eating so you can get down." She looks at me and proceeds to sing, "You can't always get what you want!" HAHAA! I laughed hard because she wasn't being sassy (and believe me, there's a lot of sass with this girl!) and she was just singing a song that I sing to her... often. :o)

A cheesy grin for the camera

Playing with Daddy and EmJ

Playing catch... I think it's hilarious that EmJ's eyes are closed as she catches the ball. Jeff told me earlier, "we'll work on that." Hee hee!

This boy is lovin' his woobie already :o)
Nana made it (she made EmJ's too)... it's a moose. Love it!

This weekend was pretty nice, but we still had some snow that hadn't melted so EmJ and Daddy built a snowman. Here's EmJ holding the snowman's hand :o)

Daddy and his kiddos... and the snowman.

Hello world!

Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! We are thankful for you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Us...

Here are some pictures of what's going on around here... mostly a lot of playing, sleeping, hanging out, etc. :o) I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures of Miss EmJ - she often tells me, "I'm too busy right now, Mom" when I go to take her picture. You know the amount of stuff 3-year-olds have to do! I'll try to get more of her soon! :o)
Our kiddos

My attempt at a picture of Mom with her kids... haha!

EmJ being quite the helper - she adores Luke, even if she is a little crazy sometimes!

Big guy! I think this picture is hilarious because the angle makes his head look huge! Hahaa!

A new favorite picture of our little man

EmJ - cheesy camera grin!

Big smiles - he is so close to "real" laughter! He kind of giggles, but we're so close to real laughs! I think he laughs already - it's just silent :o)

Luke has been grabbing at his toys for awhile now - so fun!

Luke is 3 months old!!!

Another 3 month picture - trying to show how long he is... it amazes me the length of this kid! I really shouldn't be surprised though... have you seen his dad? :o)
His legs already hang off our swing - EmJ was too old for the swing before that ever happened... I think we just might have a future basketball player on our hands! Hee hee!

KU basketball has officially started...

Friday, November 13, 2009

EmJ and Luke Video

Here's a cute video of EmJ singing a song she made up for Luke...
She's a little crazy/silly but he clearly enjoys it :o)