Friday, April 16, 2010


There's this game that EmJ and Jeff like to play, which EmJ has named "Up." It's by far one of her favorite things to do, and you can bet you'll see more pictures of this game since it's getting warmer and we can play outside in the evening!

I just had to include this picture... I think it's my new favorite one of Miss EmJ. :o)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

John 3:16

Here's EmJ saying her Bible verse...

Psst... there's another new blog below :o)

Luke is 8 months old!

It's hard to believe, but it's true! Here's a look at our little man and what he's up to... Luke loves baths!

Especially splashing in the bath :o)


He's learned lots of new things lately including "so big!" He also knows how to clap - especially when you say "yay, Luke!" He signs more and all done - we're working on please and drink. He still says "Mama" a lot - and I'm pretty sure he does know I am Mama. :o) We're "working" on Daddy and EmJ. He hasn't learned how to crawl yet, but is super mobile without going very far- he sits up and turns himself completely around. He can also roll to get what he wants, but doesn't do this too often. I really do think crawling is just around the corner, but you never know... heck, EmJ didn't crawl til she was 11 months old!

Luke can...

drink from his sippy cup all by himself!
He has been eating lots of different kinds of baby foods (mommy is making them all and he's loving them!) - his favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas. He also loves Cheerios - he can pick them up by himself, but he's still working on getting them in his mouth. :o)

8 months old!

He started facing me and turned himself to his left, so by the time this picture was taken he was almost back where he started. It's so cute to watch him do this! He's getting more and more brave with the mobility thing too - earlier today he was reaching for a ball that had rolled out of his reach and he put one knee down and one hand down to steady himself and reached as far as his little body would go... so fun to watch him figure this stuff out!

He absolutely loves tags - which is typical for kids - but boy, if there's a tag on anything - he'll find it!

Hi Mama!

Love this picture. Man, one day those eyelashes are gonna cause some girls to swoon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Super Saturday Part 2: Casa Bonita

The second part of our fun Saturday was Casa Bonita! We met Amy, Ken, Janae and Jonah there. Ken and the kids had never been there and were very excited! :o) The kids watching the divers

EmJ being "a tarzan"

Of course we spent a lot of time in the arcade. Seriously... this was the first game EmJ chose to play... she's a girl after her daddy's heart! :o)

Jonah and some skee-ball action

Janae and her tickets

EmJ's awesome skee-ball skills...
Jeff was doing this with her and he said sometimes she wouldn't throw it hard enough and it'd roll back down to her, sometimes she'd throw it and it would go across into the next lane, sometimes it would hit the wall (like this picture)... haha! She sure had fun!

EmJ and Daddy driving - they even won first place!

Luke hanging out with Uncle Ken (Luke's a tad sleepy... long day!)

Luke giving Mama some lovin'! :o)
Whew... that was one fun day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super Saturday Part 1: The Zoo

This past Saturday we had a super fun (and quite long) day! It all began at the zoo... Jeff and EmJ watching the sea lion show
Jeff had never been to the Denver Zoo (oops!), so we definitely made sure to see everything!

Luke napped on the way to the zoo... here he is when we first got there... still a little sleepy :0)

EmJ's hand on a polar bear's paw

How tall are we compared to a polar bear?
(Click to see bigger)

EmJ's jumping skills!

And Jeff's jumping skills
(again, click these to see bigger)

EmJ feeding a lorikeet

EmJ and Daddy drumming

And EmJ and Mommy drumming :o)

Luke got a little sleepy... did EmJ (she didn't sleep, but laid down in the wagon for awhile)

EmJ and the penguin... and the map. She was a little obsessed with the map! (Takes after her dad for sure!)

On the ox (uh, I think it's an ox...)

Look, no hands!

Just hangin' out

Checking out the monkey

And relaxing a little before we left for our next adventure...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


This is EmJ singing "God Bless the USA." We learned this song as a thank you to Chris and all others who serve our country and their families. :o)

This is Luke saying "Mama!" If you remember, EmJ definitely said "Dada" first... and it took her quite awhile to say Mama... needless to say, this makes my heart smile.

The jury's still out on whether or not Luke associates saying "Mama" with me... but I like it either way! :o)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope your day was as fabulous as ours and you feel as blessed as we do! :o)