Friday, October 22, 2010

a very colorful walk

I feel so, so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. For some reason, this fall is absolutely gorgeous! The kids and I took a walk the other day to be outside in the awesome weather and enjoy the view! :o)

the zoo

Last week Jeff was out of town on a hunting trip (and yes, I'll try to post a blog about that soon) - so, the kids and I went to the zoo with our friends April and Miah. We had lots and lots of fun! EmJ took 2 diggers - one when we first got there that scraped up her face a little and gave her a fat lip, and the second when we were about to ride the carousel that gave her quite the bump above her eye. Not fun! However, she was a trooper and still had a fun time at the zoo! I figured I should explain before you see pictures :o)

I think this picture is awesome!!! It's not the best quality, but you gotta love that face!

EmJ and Miah

This was cracking me up - who falls asleep like that?!

So sweet!

Everybody loves to ride the carousel - both girls wanted to ride the peacock. :o)


Still stinkin' cute even with a scrape, fat lip, and bump on the eye. :o)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


...because I know you're all "patiently" waiting for some. :o)

This was a little while ago... it was a gorgeous day and we were just playing outside. Luke absolutely adores being outside... I'm a little nervous for this winter. I think we'll be bundling up... a lot!

EmJ can have fun anywhere... seriously, her imagination is awesome!

See that grin? How can I say no to that?! (HA! Sometimes I do... don't worry!)


This was just the other day... EmJ and Luke were having so much fun with these boxes!

I love this picture! This was just yesterday... somebody was super sleepy and decided to take a power nap on the floor! :o) Cutest thing EVER.

The other day after nap the kids were watching a show and I looked over and saw this... sheesh, I love these kids.