Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daddy... Where Are You?

Just a little video of EmJ waiting for daddy to come home from work... :o)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

eating and things... ;o)

EmJ really enjoys feeding herself (and doing plenty of other things herself too...) and Jeff caught some of the action last night... :o)Getting the food on the fork... this often takes a few tries... and sometimes a little help...
She's always vety proud of herself once she gets it and usually looks at Jeff and me and grins or squeals.
And finally... EAT! Mmm!
Let's be honest... I love Starbucks and EmJ definitely knows what it is - she recognizes the logo and says "coffee" whenever she sees it. The other day I let her play with my empty cup and of course she "drank" some of her own coffee. Too funny!
Our stinkin' cute little cowgirl! :o)

I thought this was such a great picture of EmJ and Jeff - love it!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

just being EmJ...

Here are some pictures of EmJ just being her silly little self... :o)
TEETH!!! And a cute hat too!
I think EmJ looks so cute in this picture - she put her hands in her pockets and posed for me all by herself! She makes me laugh!
EmJ got her own kitchen because her cousins Janae and Jonah are now old enough to be done with it (we love all the fabulous stuff we get with older cousins!!!). Maverick loves the kitchen almost as much as EmJ... almost...
She saw Mav climbing and couldn't be out-climbed! :o)
I got brave (inspired by Kimmi) and did some half french braids for EmJ. They turned out better than I thought they would!
I've learned to turn the screen on our camera while taking pictures of EmJ because then she can see herself - otherwise she barely stands still long enough to get a picture because she wants to see it. So... that's why she looks to the side a lot... :o) And stinkin' cute dress from Kir!
I think she looks like such a little person in this picture... in her chair, arm propped up, chatting away... hee hee!